Are you a photographer with a social media following?

Then this "Done For You" Automatic Webshop will Change Your Life.

How Ben is making $2,920.78 in profit a month from only 10k followers

Using his NiceLife POD (Print On Demand) WebShop, Ben is selling his high-quality Art Prints to his 10k followers. They already know him and loves his work.

It's all done on autopilot, and Ben doesn't have to worry about spending money on inventory. He also doesn't waste any time on packaging and shipping as It is all done for him.

All Ben has to do is create his art, show his followers where to buy it, and help them if they have any questions.

Ben has priced his art at $79 for an 18" x 24" print and $99 for a 24" x 36" print.  

That gives him an average profit of $58,42 on every sale he makes.

Ben is good at engaging with his followers, and on every post, he makes sure to tell them about his webshop where they can buy his prints.

Even with a minimal marketing effort, he still manages to sell to 0,5% of his followers every month.

That equates to 50 sales a month. With an average profit per sale of $58.42, Ben is earning a total profit of $2,920.78 a month on his print sales.

With the extra money, Ben is earning. He can now focus on the type of photography he loves. He also has time to work on increasing his following and his engagement with them.

He already has a lot of repeat buyers that are starting to collect his prints.

This is Ben's way of shielding his family from the economic uncertainty that is becoming part of our lives in these years.

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The influencer industry is changing, and it's not in your favor.

A brand new European study revealed some disturbing trends.

  • Influencer marketing is growing like crazy, and the growth will continue in the future.

  • Companies and bureaus are increasingly using micro-influencers because influencers with 5k - 25k followers have double the engagement rate than 25k and up. (7% vs. 3,2% average)

  • The average engagement rate is falling across all influencers and all niches.

  • The micro-influencers are hungry, and the companies and bureaus are taking advantage of that.

  • The study showed that a lot of micro-influencers accept to work for less than $100. In many cases, they don't even get paid. They just get to keep the products they promote. While the companies get to keep and reuse all the promotional material the influencer creates.

These trends are threatening even the largest influencers.

Will your business survive if Instagram, YouTube, or TikTik shuts down your account?

If you want to have a business in the future, you need to take control now. 

Don't let other companies' business practices be in control of your future.

  • The way the industry is changing and as the competition is getting stronger. You cannot rely on advertising revenue as your only income source. You need to find a new and more stable income stream.

  • You cannot be dependent on a platform that is owned by another company. Be smart and start building your following on other platforms.

  • If your business can't keep making money if Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok closes your account. Then you don't have a business. You have a profitable hobby.

  • We have often seen companies like Google, YouTube, and Amazon make changes that have had a devastating economic impact on the companies that relied on their platforms. If you are smart, you will be smiling no matter what happens.

You already know that's true, but what can you do?

Luckily, you are in a powerful position to start building a successful, low-risk, and scalable business.

The eComm industry is spitting out millionaires, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Ecommerce has created more millionaires in the last 25 years than any other industry.

Here is why you should become one of them:

  • When running a webshop, you are not only generating a predictable and stable cash flow every single month. You are also building a valuable asset for you and your family.

  • A successful webshop is an asset that you can sell for a substantial amount at a later date. Well-run webshops can sell for millions of dollars.

  • The eCommerce business model is safe, sustainable, and predictable. It is also simple to scale with virtually no risks and no limits.

  • Because ordering, production, and shipping are automatically handled by the supplier. Running the shop typically only takes 2 - 4 hours a week. That gives you a lot of time to build your follower/customer base.

A NiceLife POD WebShop is an asset you can enjoy building and even enjoy after you sold it.

You have already done the hard work. We'll take you the rest of the way.

Getting the attention and trust of your followers is a big part of running an eCommerce business.

That's why the companies and bureaus all want to have access to your followers. 

You already have fans and customers. All other webshops spend years trying to build a following like yours. While they also have to run their business. You have a huge headstart, my friend.

Adding a NiceLife POD WebShop to your business will give you an additional and more stable income source. Potentially even a much more profitable one.

The webshop changes nothing about the way you have run your business until now. You can still work with advertisers as you have done all along.

There is no doubt that adding a NiceLife POD WebShop is the easiest, safest, and most profitable way to secure your business in the future.

Can't I just set up a webshop myself?

Of course, you can. 

I imagine that you will do it in the same way that I will run a marathon. I'll no doubt get to the finish line; in a day or two, but there is no chance that anyone will call it a success. Most likely I'll get injuries and waste a lot of time that I could have used to make money.

Running a webshop is not just signing up for Shopify or Wix and then customize a template.

You will waste a lot of time and end up having a basic webshop that could be making a lot more money.

You have to know a lot about customers, sales strategies, legal stuff, and technical stuff when setting up a webshop. 

Things like:

  • How do you make customers feel safe?

  • How do you maximize the amount they are spending?

  • How do you make them come back and buy again and again?

  • How do you set up automatic supplier integrations? 

  • How do you get the fast shipping that your customers demand?

  • How do you handle the legal stuff avoiding getting in trouble with the FDA, Facebook, Google, or the Payment Processor? 

We have created a lot of webshops, and we know exactly how to make it all work.

We even offer a service where we run your webshop for you. 

💥 What do I get with a NiceLife POD WebShop?

You get a fully automatic webshop that:

  • Automatically takes orders, processes credit cards, and deposits the money into your bank account.

  • Automatically selects the production facility that is nearest to the customer and orders the products.

  • The supplier then produces, packages, and ships the order directly to your customer, in your name.

There is no need for inventory because all products are "Made to order" in one of ten production facilities located around the world. That ensures the fastest and cheapest shipping possible.

Everything is built on Shopify, the safest and most secure eCommerce platform in the world. To have the functionality that we want for you, we have integrated our propietory software into Shopify.

All you have to do is to take care of your followers/customers and be there for them if they have questions.

The recurrent cost is a $29 monthly payment to Shopify.

You will be the owner of webshop and have the master login.

We will have a support login that gives us access to all areas exept the financial ones. As owner you can remove our access at any time.

Sale Off
Premium Automatic Photo Print WebShop

Get your own Premium WebShop and start changing your life.

Here is what will happen when you buy your NiceLife POD WebShop.

  1. You will receive a mail with the contact info of your account manager. Your account manager will be your contact and take good care of you.

  2. You will receive a questionnaire asking you about all the relevant information we need to create your webshop.

  3. We will create a base development shop in Shopify.

  4. You will be given access to the development shop. Giving you the ability to follow our work.

  5. We will do our magic and set up your webshop with all the integrations. During that process, we will check in with you to make sure that we are on the same page.

  6. When the shop is ready , we will transfer full ownership to you, and your new webshop is open for business.

The average time to have your NiceLife POD WebShop ready will be 7-10 workdays after you ordered it.

About NiceLife

We have been creating and selling webshops for over 20 years and we have helped an endless amount of entrepreneurs make successful investments.

We are all about quality, not quantity - we only sell the highest quality assets in a limited amount, so you can be sure that what you receive is top-notch, which is why our webshops sell so fast.

Additionally, we always do everything we can to make sure you accelerate your success by providing post-sale support for as long as you need to feel comfortable with your store.


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